Maham Imtiaz

How to get your first job on UpWork?

UpWork (previously known as oDesk) is an extremely popular name in the freelance market. Though they have made a few changes in their commission now but initially they were charging merely 10{d79a6d3fc954d12776e94c2e20e5b96002b612c6f83590b39d443ad63a49773e} which is very less as compared to their competitors. (Image Courtesy: ) Last year they joined up with another freelance giant Elance …

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Annoyed with PayPal

From as long as I can remember, PayPal never offered services in Pakistan. I never understood why, I mean we are one of the largest software producing companies of the world. Our programmers are found in every software company. I mean you name it and we are there. Fine we might have political and demographic …

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