Web Design – What to include?

Web Design is a prime concern for all entrepreneurs, especially if you are looking for a complete online solution. The design and over all look and feel matters, since most of the users are just going to open the home page, go through it for a couple of seconds and then move on to something else. People don’t read and go into details. It is the over all impression that they get from your website that matters. The highlighted text, the services you provide and then finally how to actually get in touch. Let me highlight a couple of things that you should consider when getting your website designed/redesigned:

Responsive Website

I have already posted on what a responsive website is. In a nut shell, something that adjusts itself for devices other than laptops e.g. mobiles and tabs. We all know how annoying it is when we can’t visit a website using our smart phone. It just does not make sense! This should be your first priority.

Retina Display

Yes! Its a must now, with increase sale of Mac and iPhones!

Full Width Slider

This is like the in thing. It is very catchy and leaves a very good impression. Especially if you are having your website designed in WordPress, you will have a lot of options.


Rich Internet Application – RIA is very important. Although it is just JQuery running here and there, it leaves a very professional impression like an eye to detail sort of thing.

Menu and Pages

When I make a website, ANY website I start with pages like Home, About and Contact ! Then there are Services/Products and Portfolio. These are like the minimum pages that you should have on our website. These words are easy to understand and quite compact! You can have as many sub pages, but organize yourself!

Show off!

Put the logos of clients, partners etc. on your homepage. Picture speaks a thousand words!


Like I said earlier, images express quality on their own. So choose your images very carefully with high resolution.

Have social buttons

Your business should have a complete web presence. It is best to have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to start with.

Google Maps

You know that half of the world is going to reach you via Google.com, so having Google’s Business Page or Maps integrated is good for SEO.

Contact Form

It is just convenient, who has the time to write an email right? Yes, importance of email is not challenged here, it is just that website should be engaging. One should have options.

Contact Info

Please have the contact page link or the contact info in your header area. I personally get annoyed at the fact that I have to search through the silly little links to find out how to get in touch. It should be up there, clear!

Hope it helps! Please feel free to comment if you think I have missed something.

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