Annoyed with PayPal

From as long as I can remember, PayPal never offered services in Pakistan. I never understood why, I mean we are one of the largest software producing companies of the world. Our programmers are found in every software company. I mean you name it and we are there. Fine we might have political and demographic issues but we know how these machines work, no big of a deal!

Anyway, so quite recently they(PayPal) allow “us” to create merchant accounts. I love exploring new services so I immediately created the account. Ready to accept payments and send invoices. I mean god dammit you will be the one charging fees for different services, fine we will get paid too. Now guess what happened, I can’t figure out the way to withdraw money. They are offering Bank Transfer to US banks only and to Visa debit cards for certain countries only. I don’t have a US bank and apparently my debit card of HBL Bank is not one of the lucky cards that are accepted. That leaves me with Visa Credit Card only. I don’t trust that, my visa card providers offer a safe service which allows me to make online payments only when I have gone through a small procedure of verifying myself via phone call. They can even put a time limit on this service. Bottom line, I can’t accept payments.

Now, I am in the business of providing services to clients around the world from about ten years now. I have tried multiple modes of payments. On (previously known as oDesk) for example, they have the option of direct payments to bank accounts. They charge around $4 something but they “allow it”. Yes, they have a list of preferred or approved banks, but then again its good that the facility is available! And! They don’t even have a minimum balance requirement or anything!

Then there is Skrill, apart from shifting my money from upword directly to account, I can transfer’s money to Skrill, and then Skrill can transfer the money directly to my bank account. Of course this way I have to pay fee to upwork as well as Skrill. Yes, it is expensive but I would like to have an option!

Skrill even accepts my credit card, well, that is what I am assuming PayPal would do too. But, annoying is the fact that they can accept payments from everywhere but will send payments, only to the ones they like! This is ridiculous! And at least does not make sense to me!

Quite recently however, I have come across They are really good, I can send invoices to my clients via email. The clients can pay via credit card or PayPal. can then transfer money directly to my account. Win Win situation for us all. They have a limit of $300 for direct payments. Again, I don’t mind as its not a big amount and worth the service!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that these big PayPal boys, don’t you read blogs? Don’t you know that people┬áhave already gone around your rules to make their own PayPal accounts? It is everywhere on the net, just Google it! There is a Payoneer Card that everyone gets made. It is associated with a US account! So half the problem is solved now you just need a fake US Address and you are good to go. You have a very personal PayPal account! You can look it up, a lot of people have written the step by step guides on it.

I on the other hand couldn’t deal with Payoneer. I didn’t receive the card, I tried twice! Now they want me to pay around $60 to transfer the card via DHL. I bailed out on this. I mean I understand it is $60, not much, but why should I pay? It is your service!

So my point is that when every one is getting work done with out without PayPal. Why wouldn’t you act mature and make all transactions legal and provide all the customer friendly services? Why are you so in love with US Banks? What kind of monopoly is this? I fail to understand. So yes, I am annoyed with PayPal!

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