Why do I need a website?

Is it important to have a website? Why do i need a website when I can have a Facebook page? Does it really add value to my business? These are some of the basic questions people have in their minds when they think about making a website. Let me help you with a few points:


A website is more of an online brochure for you on the web that is available throughout the day everyday. You can get Googled!

Global scope

Be anywhere around the world and your customers know what you do!


You can show case your work or your services!

Organized information

You will have your own section depending upon your own requirements. For example Facebook has a news feed but to have a portfolio you might have to use their photo albums. Furthermore where would you write your services.

Leave a great impression!

Make a great looking website and your customers are almost there!

Get feedback or reviews! Or even polls!

When you have your own website, trust me, sky is the limit for the things you can do. You can get product reviews, customers’ feedback, online complaint service extra. You can have polls about what people want!


Though it could be expensive but you can have online appointments/bookings or customer registrations done through your website. Personalize!


Will write another article about why are blogs important in the meanwhile only the fact that you SHOULD have it, is sufficient:)


Customers like me always Google for reference, for me if you are not on the web, you don’t exist!

Personalized emails

It is extremely unprofessional to have an email address like mycompany@gmail.com. If they ask me to apply on hr.mycompany@gmail.com I don’t even respond!

Hope it helped!

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