Clients with Payment Method Not Verified

When I was new at oDesk, a fellow colleague once noticed I was applying for jobs where the client’s payment method was not verified. He emailed me warning about such clients. He shared his experience that such clients don’t pay. Actually you see that fixed price projects were not covered back in 2012. I have received an email from oDesk that they are covered now, which is a very good move. Anyway, so a client with payment method not verified was a threat! And I was always wondering why does oDesk allow such people to post jobs when the payment is not guaranteed.

It has been about three years since I have been working as a freelance web developer at oDesk. I have found my way around with such clients as well and I’ll tell you how.

New to oDesk – New to the system!

Any new client at oDesk is hesitant to give out the credit card details to start with. They don’t even know how oDesk works. So for them, it is not wise to just give out their financial details to anybody.

Get them verified

I learned this by accident, a client asked me for an interview and he hadn’t had his payment method verified. So I accepted the interview, answered his questions politely and when he was confident about me and my suggestions about his website, I asked him to get himself verified and he did. I told him very professionally that it would be difficult for me to work for you if you don’t do that.

Ignorance is a bliss

Now, this is something no one might talk about but its true. They are not familiar with oDesk, so they are not gonna spend time to learn about that fact that they will get so many contractors at cheaper price in so little time. The newer the client the better he will pay.

Experience makes a man wiser!

The old clients know that the competition at oDesk is high. So they pay less. I don’t like working for the clients who have a lot of experience at oDesk. At times they seem to be ripping people off!

So, happy oDesking! It has been a great experience for me and I hope it turns out the same for you!

Let me know if you would like to something else.

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