monetize your site

Monetize your site

So you are looking for ways to monetize your site? You must have heard of many ways to do that. I thought I should share my experience.

For me undefeated champion is Google Adsense. No comarison! It’s because it offers pay per click! Simple! Somebody reviews your websites and likes the ad on it so he clicks it and you get a commission. The only problem is that the ads are not targeted well. In the sense Google only finds what the user likes and displays according to the visitor.¬†Yes the content also matters, but not all the time. The payout is 2{d79a6d3fc954d12776e94c2e20e5b96002b612c6f83590b39d443ad63a49773e} of the total viewers.

Google double clicks is in the market. Though I haven’t reviewed it yet. Some say it gives one more control over the ads, so the pay out is good. But one has to be approved by the team to qualify for that of course.

I have tried Peerfly, waste of my energy! For people it has worked not for me:(

Then there is Impact Radius, they offer a lot of adds and work almost like Peerfly but still my luck with affiliate marketing has not been that great so far!

Since I am running this website of CIE and Edexcel past papers, I wanted to promote courses of Udemy. Didn’t work! I am only outlining things that could work for you!

Now, I still think I can make money from Amazon Affiliate program. If you get approved, they give you three months to make a sale. Otherwise the close your account. But you can reapply later. What I did was that I joined that is targetting US, where my most of the clients were from UK. So I lost my first account. I got it back later, but it was when I was trying to find the Pound Currency I realized that I have been using the wrong Affiliate Program. Anyway, I started pursuing Affiliate, but they keep refusing me without even bothering to give a reason!

So when I was Googling my way around with getting approved with, I was introduced to VigLink. Now, they seam very promising. Just one piece of code you put before your ending body tag and they link all your adds to their affiliates. They offer both PPC and PPA (Pay Per Action). They get they own Amazon Affiliate ID too, I havn’t got mine yet. But I am hopeful! Wish me luck!

Do try the links to monetize your website. If they didn’t work for me they might work for you! Also, if you know more ways to make money please feel free to comment!

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