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So, what is a responsive website? Do you think you need one? Let me tell you, the other day a company sent me some proposal and I wanted to review the ‘about us’ section of their website to know more details. The website didn’t open on my iPhone, instead the message it displayed was something like “you must be trying to review this website from a mobile or other device, please use a computer”. I was shocked! People still have such websites? Its 2014 for crying out loud. Anyway, let me go through a bit of the importance of having a responsive website.

What is a Responsive Website?

Well I am not gonna go through a formal definition but in a nutshell it is website that adjusts itself according to the platform it is being visited from. For example you might be using a mobile phone or a tab to review a website. The website finds out who is trying to access it and the design is rearranged according to the need, so that you don’t have to scroll down to find what is where. It is easy to comprehend.

Shall I Update My Website to be A Responsive Website?

Well, if you have read the above paragraph, as in after knowing what it is. Do you really think you have an option? Its not a trick question. The answer is “hell yeah!” I don’t actually have to quote the stats to make you believe how many people are using those gadgets (other than the laptops) to review and visit websites. Its like everyone! and of course they are increasing.

If you own a website, its common sense that you want people to look at it right? Why would anybody want to limit their visibility to computers/laptops only? So, if you were thinking of getting a responsive website, please stop thinking and get one! You owe this to your business and to your customers!

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