Skillfeed or Udemy?

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I have spent a lot of time on and I have many reasons to believe Why Udemy has a great place in the market. I mean you can get free stuff. Believe me, I learnt PHP and MySQL from a free course. But I have been surfing the net and I have realized that apparently there is a competitor, Skillfeed. I just reviewed it as it was offering money for selling your courses. Honestly, I wasn’t that inspired as it offers 7 days trial and then a charges a monthly fee. I was like, so many people get things done for free from Udemy then why would ANYBODY go and pay on skillfeed.

Guess what? from just today, I have seen another ad of Skillfeed on (God! I love that site!), and just under it was a a small word .. Shutterstock! and I am convinced that I am going to sell my courses on Skillfeed. Why? Because I have known Shutterstock from quite sometime now. They do good marketing! Their online presence is way out of doubt the most prominent one. If they are behind Skillfeed, it will sell! Trust me!

I know there is a thing called word of mouth, udemy is good at that. But mostly people get things done through Google, you know .. the search way!

If Skillfeed was selling stock, I’ll buy them! Best of luck!

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5 thoughts on “Skillfeed or Udemy?”

  1. Priyanka Sharma

    Skillfeed also has some unique courses which can’t be found anywhere else. I have been struggling a lot as I did not come from a programming background. I have found people with Java or .net background find it easier to learn but they still require to understand the platform. I even took a course at private Institute but sorry to say didn’t helped much. However, luckily I found this course on Skillfeed. Its a paid website but first week is free and that was enough for me. I put in all the time in that one week as I have already taken course at institute and didn’t wanted to pay again, thankfully I am certified today and after watching the complete course thrice everything got stuck to my mind. I would highly recommend this one as its also free for a week and it is so nicely structured that everyone will definitely love it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience, Priyanka. You see I have learned Php from a free course from Udemy, it was from Infinite Skills and very helpful. Not only I got to know about Infinite Skill from there I have also received some free courses like Photoshop CC as prize for some competition. Now all those courses that I have in my login are for free! Forever! Try udemy as well, you will love it too!

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