Posting a job on Odesk?

Yes, oDesk is one the best places to find freelancers but the problem is that the no. of people applying for the jobs are increasing every minute! So you want to find out the best practices of posting a job on oDesk? As a job seeker at oDesk, I can give you a few hints that will definitely reduce your time in finding the right candidate.

Startup’s Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Startup’s Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Verify your Payment Method

To start with, we ignore the people who have not verified their payment methods. Such accounts are usually fake and just collecting freelancers for their own marketing reasons. Please verify your payment before posting a job at oDesk to target serious contractors!

Ask Questions

Everybody hates to fill up a long form when applying for a job. If you ask relevant questions, you will be able to estimate the level of English and then again, attract potential workers.

Add a secret phrase ..

Actually what happens is that people just look at the heading of the job post and apply. They don’t read between the lines where you might have included some important information. Some clients like to include a secret word or phrase by saying “If you have read and understood, please start your application with the work “Duhh” “. This is just an example!

Include Tests

One of the best ways oDesk helps the clients is by allowing them to add certain tests in the job posting. For example, if you want a job that includes work from Photoshop or html, include the condition that the job seeker must have cleared these tests. It will definitely help in shortlisting as someone who has not cleared the test will not be able to apply.

Specify Your Geographical Area

So you know you can’t coordinate with people in Asia Pacific, limit your search!

Fixed Payment or Per Hour?

Confused? I don’t think you should be. I prefer per hour jobs since oDesk takes the responsibility of getting my payment if the client refuses to pay for some reason. With the fixed payments you might lose potential workers as people tend to avoid applying for such jobs as they don’t guarantee payments. And hey, don’t worry and get a habit of reviewing the work diary (if you know what that is!). It will help you keeping a good eye on the work being done!

Include no. of hours worked

For real serious work, increase the minimum no. of hours worked. I think anyone who has worked for 100 hours on oDesk, is worth hiring. But of course there are other options as well.

Ask for a Skype Id

Do take an interview via Skype after shortlisting the candidates. You will be able to make a quick decision.

If anybody has anything else, please feel free to share!

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