How to Save Key Pairs in AWS Console?

How to create a new key pair using Putty for Linux System?

I have been using EC2 services from past two years now. It is a very simple process.

First of all you have to generate a key pair using Puttygen. You have to download the putty for windows.

  • Open Puttygen to create a new key pair, to generate a complex public key you have to move your cursor as much as you can in the empty space.

  • Save the public and private keys.

Saving Key Pair to AWS Console

  • Log in to AWS console.
  • Select EC2 services from all services menu.
  • Select Key Pairs from Network and Security menu.
  • Select Import Key Pair.
  • Insert Public Key which we have saved while generating the key using PuttyGen.
  • Click import and you can see your public key saved in AWS console.

Please feel free to comment below to share your experiences, good or bad.

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