Google Web Designer (which is not a web designer!)

Well, I am a Google fan so I am always biased towards them. But seriously this time its a bit odd as I have downloaded Google Web Designer Beta and the thing in the NEW tab is about making an Ad! NOT create or design a website!

HTML to App Store
From HTML to App Store in 60 Minutes

I have read a couple of reviews, but so far, Google Web Designer is not a web designer is confirm!

But like I said earlier I am a bit biased so to start with its a Beta version, so I assume a lot of it still on the way! Secondly, its free! Yes, Adobe has the largest share of the market but it is way too expensive now.

Anyway, we wish Google all the very best! Hoping to see their product change trends!
Google Web Designer: The 100{d79a6d3fc954d12776e94c2e20e5b96002b612c6f83590b39d443ad63a49773e} Useful Guide (The 100{d79a6d3fc954d12776e94c2e20e5b96002b612c6f83590b39d443ad63a49773e} Useful Guides)

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